Hold onto Summer Skin All Year Round

Sound the alarm, summer is over in 2 days! While we’re secretly crying in the corner about the ending of our favourite season, we know its not the end of our dream for summer skin 365 days a year.

But while you’re busy thinking about how you’ll go days without heading to the beach, we’ve been on the hunt for the best products and tips to keep that beautiful, bright skin that screams warmth. Because summer skin is made, not born, here is how we are getting glowing skin without jetting off to the French Rivera:

Fake it ‘til you make it. Of course, our first tip had to include a faux tan. You cannot go past a natural-looking, sunless tan to get you in the tropical mood, no matter the outside temperature. Try using our Instant Self-Tan Mousse for a deeper glow under your trans-seasonal ankle boots, or use our hydrating Gradual Tan Extender for a more subtle, dewy glow. Not only is this low maintenance, but you are moisturising your body at the same time, keeping dry winter skin at bay.

Stock up on vitamins. No need to go to the pharmacy for this one, but just make sure your body and skincare routine is infused with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C and E, to revitalise your complexion and skin. These skin-loving ingredients soak into your skin, plumping it up and intensely hydrating for brighter, dewier skin. Our Instant Self-Tan Mousse contains Vitamin E to replenish the skin’s natural hydration for a more natural tan.

Sunscreen is a must. Don’t ditch your sunscreen just yet. The sun may feel less strong on your skin and may hide among the clouds, but it will still damage your skin and dry you out even further. Protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays that age you prematurely and look for a moisturiser that contains SPF. We recommend the Image Skincare Prevention + Tinted SPF Moisturiser, as this gives a high sun protection factor and gives your complexion an added tint that you can wear under your foundation or on its own.

A little shimmer doesn’t hurt. Oils, lotions and creams with added shimmer in them fake a brighter, warmer complexion without slapping on any glitter or semi-permanent tan. Our Illuminating Body Tint is the perfect addition to your cooler skincare routine. Swipe over your legs and arms for a hint of tint and subtle shimmer that will instantly liven up your skin without the commitment of a full tan.

Keep up the scent of summer. We’re candle people, and we’re not ashamed to admit it. A gorgeous candle scented with notes of summer infused citrus, caramel and light florals are where’s it’s at and seem to magically get your mind, body and skin in the mood to look and exude enviable summer skin. Our top pick is our Triple Scented Candle in Bali Breeze, with our signature scent of coconut, caramel and vanilla.


Bronzed Babes: Nicky Bell

Our love for Bair Beauty’s Nicky Bell is tenfold. We are currently having a love/love relationship with this blonde bombshell, from her impeccable fashion sense to her glowing personality!

Check out her gorgeous glowing skin, courtesy of a little bit of Sunescape, keeping her bronzed and sun-kissed all throughout summer…

Her incredible Instagram page leaves us envious over her killer shoes, and beauty know-how, and her tan is just icing on the glowing cake!

One of our all-time faves, Nicky has tried and tested our tanning products, from our Illuminating Body Tint to our award-winning Instant Self-Tan Mousse (in both Fiji and Maui), and has loved the natural colour and tropical scent. You may have even seen us recently collaborate with her beautiful swimwear brand, Born Bair Swimwear, inclusive of all body types, colours and sizes.

Complimenting each outfit with a bronzed glow, we have to say Brissie based beauty blogger Nicky is an expert on the subject.

We give Nicky from @bairbeauty a tan/10. Follow her on Instagram.

Achieve a natural glow, that looks like you have just landed back from a tropical holiday, without even leaving home with Sunescape, your ticket to that post-holiday glow!

Sunescape products are formulated to provide a natural looking and feeling tan, and one that smells amazing. They contain added vitamins, antioxidants and oils to nourish skin, as well as anti-ageing, hydrating and firming ingredients to leave skin smooth and replenished.