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Allira Smyth

“I am what you would call tanorexic, I have used a lot of different products and yours is by far the best. It’s the perfect colour on me, look so natural, and lasts longer than any other spray tan. I have to get one every week! My spray tanner (Bronze Beach) talked me into trying this brand and I am a complete convert.”

Emily Tuddenham

“I have recently invested in Sunescape products for use on others and myself. The quality of the product and equipment has excited me. All of the surrounding information and facts have made it really easy to fall in love with the products, how natural they are and how good they are for your skin; which has shown when been used. From the smell, to the application to the end product and wearing off has been great to see as there have been no complications along the way. People love it and I love it! I just want to find out more. I love using a great product on people that love it and are as happy as I am after using Sunescape!!!”

Brittany McIntosh

“I absolutely love the Sun Escape range! I’m currently using the ‘Week in Fiji’ Hydrating Self Tanning Foam and it is seriously amazing! The consistency is a rich brown foam that just glides beautifully on the skin. No streaks or patchiness with a lovely fruity scent (no fake tan smell here!) The foam drys and develops quickly leaving you with a beautiful glowing and even complexion. Not to mention 90% of the ingredients are naturally derived! Seriously what more could you ask for? May be the fact that they come in generous pump bottles and is Australian made! I would highly recommend this brand to anyone wanting a beautiful ‘healthy’ tan made from the best quality Australian products.”

Sami Mountford

“I love everything about Sunescape. The colour, the smell, it blends so well! After trying so many on the market I can’t live without it. It’s the most natural looking self-tan on the market!”

Eileen Tiller

“Such a loyal Sunescape fan- I would never use anything else!!! I’m so in love with the smell, which is the same as the Sunescape candle in ‘Bali breeze.’ This is burning all the time in my house!!”

Meredith Street

“I don’t usually like getting fake tans but when I got this tan I was absolutely in love with it. Loved the smell, the feel and the result! No silly rub offs on sheets, no streaks, definitely would get it again.”

Emma Hropic

“After using what feels like every fake tanner under the sun I feel like I’ve finally found ‘the one.’ Month in Maui is such a natural dark colour. People always comment when I’m wearing Sunescape!”

Maddi Munro

“Love Sunescape’s tan range. Had a lovely golden glow and was streak-free. Everyone couldn’t stop commenting on my tan and they thought I’d been away on holidays! Would definitely recommend to all my friends.”

Amanda Van Der Vlies

“Nothing but love for the Sunescape tanning mousse. So quick and easy to apply, never streaky and it naturally fades without any patchiness whatsoever. ‘Month in Maui’ is my favourite for Summer!!”

Kaz Reim

“A local product suitable for Aussie conditions. It goes on well, and the range covers all contingencies post and prior to tanning. I love looking bronzed without the worry of the sun harming my skin. Love you Sunescape!”

Jessica Ruisan

“I don’t often tan but when I need a hit of colour I LOVE Sunescape’s Self Tan Mousse and Gradual Tan Extender. Looks so natural and smells divine. Pretty packaging to sit in your bathroom too!”

Scott Crumlin

“Was recommended to this by a friend. Impressed by ease of application, fragrance and even tan. Men like colour too and this is VERY convincing.”

Olivia – Beauty on Burke Pty Ltd

“I am only a few months into my Sunescape journey…. But let me tell you I am one very loyal provider! Not only me, but my entire team. And second to the team loving it, believing in it are my loyal clients. Hundreds of our clients have now had a Sunescape tan or two or three and have fallen in love.

They have fallen in love with the scent, it’s long lasting performance and its effortless convenience being only two hours, and the tan lasts longer than any other. Clients have been getting almost two weeks out of their tans! No patching! We all just love it.

If I love a product I will support 100% through my passion. My skill and approach with clients is being professional, educational and fun. The Sunescape marketing allows me to offer just that! It’s quirky and clever and allows for that fun interaction with clients. I always say ‘so do you feel like going for a weekend in Bondi, a week in Fiji or a month in Maui’? They all are catching on to the slogan and we have a laugh.

After taking on Sunescape we placed an order for our second batch the following week! Our response speaks for itself. The retail range brings you back to that wonderful tropical holiday you hopefully have been to; it certainly brings up conversation of a good time in one’s life. We also use the body butter in our pedicures and other treatments too. Well done on creating a clever and enjoyable range to work with.”

Melissa Coleman – makeup artist

“After personally using this tan and LOVING it, I wanted to share this secret with others! I am a beauty therapist, makeup artist and provide spray tanning services. This is truly the best tan I have ever seen or used. The colour is sensational, it lasts and fades naturally. It makes matching and blending makeup into the décolletage such a pleasure because of the natural, beautiful colour it gives. I just love it and so do my clients!”

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