3 Tips for Self-Tanning your Face

Have you ever tried tanning your face for that gorgeous faux summer glow, and had it end up very wrong? We promise you, you are not alone in this tanning faux pas! A too dark tan job that makes you look more Oompa Loompa than glowing goddess, or that dreaded brown stripe across the delicate features of your face can be quite noticeable, and hard to hide…

So how is it done? Here at Sunescape, we have trialed and tested every possible way to get that gorgeous glow to meet your neck, and we have a few hacks to share:

Choose your tools. As with the rest of your body, a mitt is without a doubt the best tool you can use to get that even, flawless bronzed tan. If you are using a Self-Tan Mousse for your face as well, we recommend either using the tip of your mitt (without adding extra product onto the mitt) and using the remainder of your tan to sweep over your face, OR we often use a buffing brush to buff out the product for an even, seamless tan that blends into your neck, ears and hairline.

Mix it up. Afraid of pretty distinct tan marks on your face? Try mixing your mousse in with your daily moisturiser for a more diluted and creamier consistency to blend in. Dispense half a pump into your mitt and mix in with a small dollop of moisturiser and blend into your skin as normal.

The lighter the hand, the better. We always recommend going in on your face with a lighter shade of mousse, or even a gradual tan that you can build up colour with. As you bronze your face anyway when you apply your makeup, the perfect shade is our Medium tan in ‘Week in Fiji’. A lighter tan shade on the face looks more natural, for that effortless summer glow.

Do you have a patented method for tanning your face?