How to Get the Most out of your Tan

You wake up in the morning after doing a quick, rushed tan application the night before, and it looks, let’s just say not the best. In order to make every tanning session count, you need to make the time to get hands-on with your tan. Prepping and maintaining your skin will see a big improvement in the lifespan of your applied colour.

Whether you’re constantly fiddling with streaky colour or subject to fast-fading tan syndrome, we have listed below some of our best tricks for a smoother, longer-lasting tan in order to get the most out of your bronze.

Before – Find your Perfect Pre-Tan Mojo

Completely prep your skin before even thinking about applying your tan. A flawless tan application relies on a blank canvas, so be ready for prepping to become commandment #1 of your tanning regime!

  • Remove hair at least 1 day before tanning. Any type of hair removal, including shaving or waxing leaves your skin vulnerable to irritation and can open hair follicles, creating that spotty tan look. This is the same while shaving too soon after your tan, which will quickly strip your bronze away
  • Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and dirt before applying a fresh coat of tan. You want your skin to be a squeaky clean as possible when applying your tan so as to not let it cling to rough areas or dead skin. Exfoliating using the Exfoliating Body Polish a couple times a week also uncovers brighter, younger looking skin
  • Hydration is key to a great tan. Keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all of the time by constantly using rich body lotions (though not just before a tan as this provides a barrier for the product) to keep up hydration levels, helps your tan apply easier and decreases the exaggeration of dull spots


During – Tricks of the Tan Application Trade

From beginners to self-tanning pros, the application can go wrong if you haven’t done the hard work to get your skin to its best condition. Remember these tips during your tan application for a flawless finish.

  • Ditch the chemicals and cosmetics. Ingredients and chemicals in makeup and beauty products, like deodorant and perfume can change the colour of your solution (no one wants green armpits…). Leave your skin bare when going for a spray tan or when you apply your self-tan (also, don’t cry…)
credit: Skyler Davis
  • Create skin barriers with body butter. As mentioned, moisturisers and lotions create a barrier layer between your skin and the tanning product, preventing the DHA from setting on your skin, creating that bronzed glow. But rubbing our Hydrating Body Butter into the rough areas like ankles, knees, hairline and elbows creates a colour block that will prevent build-up of product, as well as reflecting the way natural sunlight hits your skin
  • The wait game. Depending on the formula, colour and how dark you want to go, Sunescape tan can be showered off 2 hours after your tan application, for you to dress and go. We recommend waiting anywhere between 2 hours or even overnight when applying the Self-Tan Mousse in order for the colour to set perfectly


After – The Glow must go on

  • Moisturise every single day. And we mean it! Hydrating lotions like our Body Butter will retain your skin’s moisture after showering for healthier skin and a longer-lasting, fade-free tan
  • Refresh your tan with an extender. Our Gradual Tan Extender was created specifically to extend the life of your tan after a spray tan or mousse tan application. It works by infusing your skin with a smaller level of DHA for continuous colour that looks natural, deepening over time and hydrating the skin as well.
  • Use a wash-of formula for last minute application. Touch up your tan for a night out or special event with a temporary bronze colour that can wash-off in 24 hours. An Illuminating Body Tint or DHA-free mousse can enhance your colour without the commitment, and are easily washed off so you don’t have to stain your new sheets.