6 Ways to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

It’s time to come out of our hibernation and show a little skin! We know that as the weather warms up, getting back into the swing of things can be a bit slow going – especially when it comes to your summer ready skin regime. Read on for our top six tips for prepping your skin for summer. You’ll be glowing again in no time!

Drink plenty of water.
Not to sound like a broken record, but water is key when it comes to healthy, summer ready skin. Water helps the body filter out toxins, resulting in better digestion and clear skin among many other awesome benefits. If you have trouble getting your eight glasses a day, make a game out of it! Download an app for your phone or keep track of how much you drink in your day planner (with a reward in mind for reaching your goal!).

Exfoliate thoroughly.
Say goodbye to dead winter skin and prep for your summer tan by using a great exfoliator. The Sunescape Exfoliating Body Polish features a decadent AHA Fruit Blend and Eco Beads to slough off dead cells and reveal silky summer skin. Plus, it smells like a delicious island getaway, even the scent will make you feel summer ready!

Perfect your tan.
One of the easiest ways to transform your look for summer is to give yourself an at-home tan. After prepping your skin, select your desired shade of the Sunescape Instant Self-Tan Mousse and apply with the Luxe Self-Tan Applicator Mitt. Ta-da! No one will guess you spent the last three months eating Tim Tams in a fuzzy jumper when you’re rocking that healthy glow.

Stay moisturised.
Whether you want to prolong your tan or just want to give winter skin a send off, using a rich moisturiser will do you a world of good. The Sunescape Hydrating Body Butter smells like coconut and contains Vitamin E and Mango Extract to soften skin and help it retain moisture.

Rekindle your relationship with SPF.
Summer ready at it’s finest (and most sun smart). If you’ve been skimping on the sun protection, now’s the time to get with the program. Protecting your skin will make you look years younger, and since you can fake a tan, there’s no reason to risk skin cancer and age spots. Use a daily tinted moisturiser with built-in SPF, to sneak in the protection you need.

Treat yourself to a summer ready pedicure.
Let’s not talk about the state of our heels after a winter of wearing boots! Refresh your feet with a good scrub and a coat of polish, and show off those toes in some new sandals.

Follow these tips and you’ll be more than ready to embrace the sunshine. Check out the full Sunescape range for additional products to help you glow!