Step-by-step guide to a streak-free tan

Here are 5 steps to your flawless natural and streak free self-tan:

Exfoliate and remove your old self-tan

This is your first and most major step. It is basically a tanning law that you exfoliate your body for a clean skin canvas, as well as ensuring that all old tan is removed. Gently rub your skin with the removal mitt and the Sunescape Exfoliating Body Polish, to exfoliate any oil, dead skin cells, existing tan and dirt from your skin. With its rich ingredients, like coconut milk and pineapple enzymes to nourish your body as you buff it, it will prepare it for the perfect, streak free self-tan.

Moisturise your skin regularly

It is important that you moisturise your body skin regularly before self-tanning. Some body parts, like your elbows, knees or ankles, are naturally drier than others and needs extra hydration. When you don’t moisturise enough or not at all, the dry parts will cling to the product more than the rest of the body and cause those areas to come develop darker. Our Hydrating Body Butter, full of vitamins and rich oils, is a rich cream to help calm and soothe your skin, while leaving a delicious coconut vanilla scent on your skin.

Time & Place

Self-tanning can be serious business. You actually need to take the time to prepare your body and think about when you want to self-tan! We recommend picking a day where you have ample time to tan carefully, and wait until the tan is completely dry (hello #tanningthursdays). Wearing loose fitting clothing immediately after your tan is certainly the way to go so that it won’t rub off all your hard work. Choose a place to chill while the fast-absorbing formulas develops where the air is dry, not in a steamed bathroom, as this can lead to a spotted tan (eek!).

Applying the tanning product

Of course, our top product for an instant, streak-free tan at home is our award winning Instant Self-Tan Mousse with a little help from our Luxe Self-Tan Application Mitt. Remember, the mitt is your friend, helping you to get an even, flawless, natural looking tan. Bonus: It is also waterproof, so there is no chance that your hands will end up coloured.

Extend your Tan

Don’t have time to set aside for a weekly, or daily, tanning sesh, but still want the flawless colour Sunescape gives you? Extend your tan for those essential days when you need a boost of colour as long as possible with our DHA free tan range. Including our Instant Wash Off Mousse and Illuminating Body Tint, you can not only extend your self-tan, but you can control the shade of your tan! No matter if you’re a short term tanner, or long term lover, Sunescape has got your streak free tan covered no matter what.