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Hello Sunescape tan clan! We know how important tanned and hydrated skin is for most people, from summer straight through to the winter months. We’ve got you covered for all seasons, any weather and time of the year with our seasonal edit, shop each of them NOW…


Summer means different things to different people, but to everyone we know it means deep tanned skin under the sunshine day in day out. Whether you are having the day at the beach, or just poolside, soaking up the sun (safely), our Sunescape Instant Self-Tanning Mousse in Month in Maui screams summer. From the signature coconut vanilla scent to the enriching ingredients like conditioning macadamia nut, coconut, and avocado oils, you will have the deepest bronze skin, without skimping on hydration.

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As temperatures start to fall, so do many people’s tanning routines. Tanning Thursdays are fewer and far between, but now is not the time to sacrifice your skin’s hydration. Our Hydrating Shower Gel is your answer to extending the life of your tan as long as possible. With a lightweight blend of kiwi fruit oil and passionflower extract, your skin will be hydrated and rejuvenated through the cooler months.

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Us Aussies don’t do well under the pressure of freezing cold weather. Winter brings with it frosty wind, backed up noses, and yes, dry skin *shudder*. Our Sunescape Hydrating Body Butter brings the hydration game to a whole new level. This rich and indulgent cream, infused with cocoa and shea butters to maintain your tan, nourishes skin to the eleventh hour, locking in hydration when your skin is as dry as the Sahara.

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The sun has started coming out in full force, and your legs are sure to be peeking out of flowing dresses and short-shorts, which can only mean one thing; tanning season has arrived once again. Ease yourself into the warmer weather with our Sunescape Gradual Tan Extender, doubling as a moisturiser, this bad boy will take your skin from the complexion of a marshmallow to bronzed goddess in a matter of days…

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