7 Things to do on a Week in Fiji

Ready for a well-deserved break? How about a week in sunny Fiji?

Fiji is a bucket list destination for most with guaranteed tropical postcard worthy views. With its crystal-clear blue water, white sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, amazing islands and lovely locals, it is the ultimate destination for an escape from the high-paced big city life.

From budget-minded or luxury-focused travellers, the experience in Fiji is never below incredible, from flights to accommodation to all the different activities and tours available. Just one week is all you need, though you’ll be begging to go back once you’ve left. Check out our travel guide approved 7 things you must do when you spend a week in Fiji:

  1. Port Denarau Marina – You’ve just gotten off your flight in lovely, warm Fiji. Next thing to do: settle into your accommodation. You may be able to just drive there, however if you are heading to one of the many secluded islands, chances are you will be heading straight to Port Denarau Marina. While you may be itching to get straight there, why not wander around the area? Take in the crystal clear water, fit in some souvenir shopping and have dinner at one of the many restaurants on the water… Local meets tourist in this quaint marina.
  2. Snorkelling on South Sea Island – Part of the Mamanuca Islands, South Sea Island is an uninhabited island gem. When you can walk the circumference of an island in less than 10 minutes, you know you are onto something incredible. The crystal clear water is also unbelievable, this is the perfect place for experienced divers and beginner snorkelers looking to spot coral in the lagoon. If you’re thinking of spending another day by the pool, think again… Learn about all the activities available here.
  1. Tavoro Waterfalls on Taveuni Island – Starting with a hike that fills you with anticipation, with short walk will guide you to three incredible waterfalls. Originating at the Bouma National Park Visitors Centre, this walk will guide you to three beautiful waterfalls. Visitors come back saying that they’ve never seen “unspoiled beauty” like it, perfect for a swim and picnic lunch by the hidden pools. Your camera won’t even believe what it’s seeing…
  1. Take the time to relax by the pool/beach – Fiji is renowned for some of the clearest, most relaxing beaches, along with their resorts and hotels award-winning pools. Clock yourself in on ‘Fiji Time’, and lay back with a cocktail in one hand, and a book in the other for one of the best things Fiji has to offer; serenity.
  2. For families and school-leavers (Plantation Island Resort) – Take on Fiji, on a budget. A beautiful setting situated on its own little island, this is a great place to both engage in exciting water activities like paddle-boarding, while still getting to relax when you need it. Go for the experience, stay for the sunset. Check out the secluded island here.
  1. For luxury travellers (Westin Resort Denarau Island) – Looking for that 5 star experience? The Westin resort on Denarau Island is beautiful, from the tasteful rooms and friendly staff to the main pool, plus an extra adults only lap pool. Perfect for those looking for the best possible service from newlyweds to grown up family groups. You won’t even need to leave the resort! Check out (or in) the resort here.
Fiji Week
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