7 Things to do on a Weekend in Bondi

Cheers to the weekend! The perfect time for a short escape from the hustle and bustle from the city? You’re in need of a relaxing summer weekend in Bondi.

Bondi is the epicentre of Aussie culture, and a must-visit destination for Sydney-siders and tourists alike. Nothing can compare to the bohemian sophistication that Bondi exudes from every café, bar and store that sit on the main streets.

Whether you’re spending big on a boutique hotel, or hiring a retro camper van, just one weekend in Bondi will make you want to stay longer, from the locals to the world-famous beach (and our awesome travel guide) enticing you. Bondi is a place that can suit everyone’s needs, the perfect spot to spend a weekend doing these 7 things:

  1. Bondi markets – Situated on weekends in the local Bondi Public School grounds. With food, live music, and stalls ranging from jewelry to photography, you can stroll around at your own pace, finding hidden treasures that you won’t find anywhere else. Tripadvisor reviewers had plenty of good things to say about the hipster-meets-rural markets, and we highly recommend giving them a visit.
  2. Bondi to Coogee coastal walk – Don’t just visit Bondi beach on your weekend getaway! There is so much to miss by just staying at this beach all day. Jog along the coastal walk, taking you to the entrances of plenty other amazing (and quieter) beaches like Bronte and Tamarama. The coastal walk is perfect for fitness fanatics, leisurely strolls and surfers getting to their next wave… Check out more info on events that happen along the walk.
  3. The Bucket List Bar and Eatery – Right on the promenade, where local meets tourist, this bar is the perfect place to kick up your heels for a light lunch after a refreshing swim. Order a jug of Pimms and their classic prawns for the ultimate Aussie meal. Check out Timeout’s review of the location here.
  1. Bondi Icebergs – A must-visit when you spend a weekend in the beachside suburb. From taking a dip in the pristine pools to having some food and drinks with an amazing view, if you didn’t go to the Icebergs, did you really go to Bondi?
  1. Quaint accommodation (Bondi Beach House) – If you are in the mood for ‘beach shack chic’, this is the place you want to be. A two minute walk from the famous Bondi beach, this is guest house offers a relaxed stay out of the way of the noisier bars. With 8 spacious rooms and pieces of Australian art in each room, this is ideal for budget travellers seeking a bit of Bondi flair in their stay. Learn more on their website.
  2. For the grander travellers (Hotel Ravesi’s) – This flamingo pink, beachfront boutique hotel is ultra-cool. Close to anything and everything in Bondi’s centre, this hotel is the hub of all things grand. Sitting above the cocktail bar, Drift, Ravesi’s Hotel claims to offer “all the ingredients for the perfect getaway”, making us want to check in right now!
  1. Get gorgeously tanned (the Sunescape way)Sunescape’s tanning range takes inspiration from destinations like the beautiful Bondi, where the brand was born. Our light shade, Weekend in Bondi emulates the laid back, sunkissed vibes that a real weekend in Bondi would look, on your skin. Like 90% of the population you wish you lived in Bondi. But we might have to take the next best thing with our ultra-hydrating tan that will make people ask “Have you just come back from holiday?”…