I once had a friend stay with me for a month, and the first thing she did upon arrival was head to a health store to buy a massive jar of coconut oil. I watched her scoop some of it into a smaller container, warm it up in the microwave, and massage it into her hair. Later, she used the same oil to cook dinner for us. The next day? It became a post-shower body oil.  She was seriosuly nuts for coconuts!

I adore anything coconut — Sunescape’s products have the most indulgent, tropical coconut scent! But I must admit; I was sceptical about the health benefits of my friend’s obsession with coconut products. As it turns out, the benefits of coconut products, such as oil and water, are really worth the hype! My friend’s glossy hair, glowing skin, and great immune system only back up the scientific research that proves going coconuts is a good idea. Here’s what you have to gain from coconut products, and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine!

Coconut Water

An extremely hydrating drink, coconut water is low in fat and kilojoules, and a serving is said to contain more potassium than a banana. It makes a wonderful electrolyte replacement drink, is proven to aid digestion, and promotes smooth, healthy skin. Because it balances the electrolytes in the body, it can also reduce blood pressure and is a great accompaniment to your regular H2O after a tough workout.

Blending it into your smoothies
Using it as a hangover remedy
Pre work out drink
Mixing it with protein powder after the gym
Applying it topically to blemish-prone skin

Coconut Oil

Due to antimicrobial properties from fatty acids, coconut oil is said to aid the digestive system and support immunity. It also boosts the metabolism, promotes weight control, and quells sugar cravings. Coconut oil can also be cooked at a high temperature without developing free radicals, and can be applied to the skin and hair for anti-aging benefits. Unlike coconut water, coconut oil is endlessly versatile and, depending on how creative you want to get, you can use it in almost every area of your life.

Mixing it with essential oils for a calming skin treatment
Replacing your usual olive oil with coconut oil when cooking
Applying it to itchy mosquito bites, chicken pox, or eczema-prone skin
Using it as a natural deodorant
Smoothing it on your lips as a balm
Emulsifying it to create a coffee creamer
Using it as an eye makeup remover
Applying it to your hair as a deep conditioner
For oil pulling– a dental procedure for whiter, brighter healthier teeth

Raw Coconut

Raw coconut can help assist in weight loss, improve the digestive system and boost the immune function. And it is so versatile- It can be eaten raw, cooked, or as a preserve. Try it shredded, blended, toasted on anything from salads to ice cream! YUM.

Blending it into a smoothie with organic yoghurt and berries
Sprinkle flaked coconut on pancakes with sliced banana and caramel sauce
Crumbing prawns with breadcrumbs and coconut for a delicious crunch
Making the ultimate coconut protein balls for an easy snack!

Are you in on the coconut craze? Light a Sunescape Bali Breeze Triple Scented Candle (Vanilla, Coconut& Caramel), grab your coconut smoothie, make yourself a coconut oil hair masque, and treat yourself to a Sunescape self tan for a truly pampering afternoon!