hair veil and after-sun masque from Aveda

You know our favourite summer accessory will always be a flawless spray tan, but nothing pairs as well with a gorgeous bronze as healthy beach hair! When you’re spending more time outside, throwing your hair up in a ponytail, and getting hit with harsh UV rays, it’s easy for your strands to end up damaged. To help you keep your locks in prime condition all season long, we’ve compiled some of our top tips for shiny hair.

1. Treat yourself to a weekly masque. Your hair needs extra TLC this time of year, so deep condition once a week to keep it smooth and shiny. If you have naturally oily roots, just apply the hair masque to the ends of your hair where you could use the additional moisture.

2. Use SPF. Sunburned shoulders may be more noticeable, but your wavy beach hair could benefit from some spray-on SPF too! Not only is your scalp an easy target for the summer sun, but your hair can also lose its lustre from UV damage. Image Skincare’s PREVENTION + range protects your skin from the harshest rays:

3. Don’t shy away from hair oils. Using oil on your hair (and body!) won’t result in the greasy mess you may be picturing. Argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil are among the many oils you can use as leave-in conditioner or on-the-go frizz tamer.

4. Look for sulphate-free shampoo. Shampoos full of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals are a dime a dozen, but they aren’t the best for your hair. Seek out a natural shampoo packed with nourishing oils and botanicals to get the most out of the shampooing process.

5. Opt for gentle hair ties. Putting your hair up can cause breakage, especially if you pull your hair back tightly or aren’t careful when removing the hair tie. If you can’t hit the beach without rocking the messy bun, invest in some gentle, snag-free hair ties to minimise damage.


6. Avoid bleaching. We know – you want that blonde, beachy mane for summer! While it might look awesome at first, bleaching your hair causes a lot of irreparable damage and will make hair appear dry and brittle. If you’re just looking for a change in colour, try dyeing your hair with a natural option, like henna. Otherwise, talk to your hairdresser about ways to lighten your locks without the serious bleaching and keep up that weekly masque routine.

7. Air-dry your hair. Instead of picking up the blow dryer, let your hair dry on its own when you have the option. Blow-drying may add volume, but it causes damage and breakage, making it more difficult to grow out your hair. When you can’t skip the hot tools, use a heat protecting spray or leave-in conditioner as a buffer.

How do you keep your hair shiny for summer? Share your healthy hair tips with us using #sunescapetan!