It’s a known fact that the gym is the busiest during the first week of January. Everyone has begun a New Year health-kick – cardio and strength training are priority, a juicer has been purchased, and some new Lululemon has made its way into the wardrobe. The same applies to work goals; you tell yourself you will earn that raise this year and show up to the office early each morning.

Even if you started out strong in 2015, chances are that by this point in the year, you’re feeling burned out and have begun to stray from your resolutions. If you’re finding yourself struggling, read on for healthy tips to boost your energy. You’ll rise out of that slump and get your goals back on track in no time!

Refresh your routine. Are you sick of jogging every evening? Try running early in the morning before work or joining a spin class instead to mix things up. Are you stuck on your novel? Brainstorm ideas at a new café or find a local writing group for support. Think about the essence of your goal and find new ways to work towards it so that you don’t get fed up with your current schedule.

5640955385_e4a262c96d_nSnack often. Eating healthy snacks between meals is a sure way to keep your energy levels up. If you find yourself fading each afternoon at work, stash nuts, green tea, and dried fruit at your desk for emergency pick-me-ups.

Eat seasonal superfoods.  Filling up on fresh superfoods, like berries, greens, and avocado, may sound less appealing than the pub burger you had in mind for lunch, but the vitamins and antioxidants in seasonal produce will make it easier for you to reach weight goals or tackle that big art project.

Check your iron levels. Low iron levels are often the cause of sluggishness and fatigue, so eat your high-in-iron greens and meats, or take a supplement to restore your iron reserve. If fatigue has been a serious issue for you, you may want to get a blood test to find out your iron count and check for anaemia.

Take vitamins and herbs. Whether you want to take a supplement or get your fix from green smoothies and salads, make sure your essential vitamin intake is covered. B vitamins are known to increase energy, and your body can only do its best work when there’s balance in your diet.
Water splashing into glass
Get moving. If exercise isn’t a part of your regular routine, it’s finally time to change that. The rush of endorphins you’ll get from raising your heart rate will not only boost your energy, but your spirits as well. Join a class or pair up with a friend if you need help getting back into the swing of things.

Sleep. We know you have a lot on your plate, but sleeping the recommended eight hours a night will increase your drive and help you accomplish more in less time. Power down the computer, put the work aside, and get some much-needed shut-eye.

Drink enough water. We all know drinking plenty of water is essential, but are we really drinking enough? Set a daily water intake goal and keep a reusable bottle at hand throughout the day. If you’ve upped your exercise regime for the New Year, make sure to take that into account when increasing your water intake.

Give these body boosters a shot, and we guarantee you’ll feel inspired to take on your 2015 goals once more!