Summer withdrawal: The physical sickness that occurs the minute summer ends (the dreaded last day of February)

It’s been 9 days since summer ended, and we have to admit, we are fully consumed by our summer withdrawal. We may as well be rocking ourselves in a corner for how much we miss the sunny skies and simmering weather. As full-time summer enthusiasts and advocates for looking like we just stepped off the beach and into a poolside bar 24/7, we are not coping. We have gone through the standard 5 stages of summer withdrawal, and have slowly come out the other side, overcoming our sadness and pretending like it never happened…

  1. Depression. Occurs immediately after the departure of summer, how did those 3 months go so quickly?! Come back please.
  2. Anger. The most irrational emotion to feel towards the seasons naturally changing but, hey we love summer. Why can’t summer be all year round, why have we not developed some fantastic technology to make this happen?! Summer withdrawal, you suck!
  3. Jealousy. It is SO unfair that people in other countries are heading into spring and summer. Try going on Instagram and all you see is beautiful people on tropical holidays. In. Beautiful. Summery. Weather. And we’re stuck with rain, wahhh!
  4. Nostalgia. Remember that awesome beach trip we took during summer? Yeah, so do we… Seeing other people’s beach photos, and even those complaining about the heat, remind us of the 3 months we spent with our toes in the sand, and why can’t it be summer again already?!
  5. Hope. Luckily, the great thing about seasons is that they come and go, which means summer will surely be here before we know it! Withdrawals start to fade, and we are starting to get excited about what next summer has in store for us…

Sunescape’s top tips to help you overcome summer withdrawal:

We know how you feel, the cold blows. It’s windy and freezing, and you have to wear 3 layers of clothing at all times just to survive… No thank you!

We recommend making every clear day count, take a break from social media envy, where other people are frolicking in the sea on some exotic island and treat yourself to a day in the sun, regardless of whether it’s hot or cold.

We also love whipping up some summer-infused recipes, from refreshing cocktails to a barbecue with tasty meats, dips and fruits!

And don’t forget, extend your summer to an all year round jaunt with a flawless Sunescape glow. Glowing skin and bronzed stems will make people ask “where have you been on holiday?”, and you look like an utter golden goddess. Head in for a regular Sunescape spray tan for that flawless look, or enhance your skin’s natural glow with our Illuminating Body Tint.


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