Your hands and feet are always the first tell of a botched self-tan job. They give you away before you even open your mouth to defend yourself. We’ve all been subject to embarrassing judgement, and the once up and down look, about the appearance of our uneven, slightly-too-dark appendages, and now we say never again!

Sunescape is not only guaranteed to give you an all-over (even) glow, but we’ve also got some handy (see what we did there…) tips and tricks you need to know before your next tanning Thursday! It’s time to perfect the art of tanning your hands and feet!

The golden rule of prepping your tan, make sure to pay extra attention to exfoliating your hands, feet, elbows, and any other dry areas of your skin before event thinking about tanning.

Feet: The tops of your feet get the most sun attention, so this should be your biggest focus. As you are trying to imitate the natural sun, apply a small amount of self-tan to your mitt and rub it together on the Luxe Self-Tan Application Mitt so the distribution of product is even and thinner than usual. Place the entire mitt flat on top of your foot and blend back towards the anklebone. Don’t fear the mitt, once the colour is on your skin, buff lightly over the heel and ankle with the residue from the rest of your tan application. This is after all, the art of tanning…

Hands: The first step before you go all in on the tanner is to protect the dry areas of your skin with a layer of our Hydrating Body Butter, especially on your hands, wrists and knuckles. The second to last step of your tan should be blending your arms into your hands, by applying a pearl-sized amount of colour to the insides of your wrists and rubbing together to blend. This prevents any dramatically different tones of colour, allowing it to fade out into your palms. We recommend using the Luxe Self-Tan Application Mitt or a clean makeup brush to apply tan to your hands, blending out in circular motions with only the leftovers of the tan left on the mitt.

After about half an hour of development, gently wipe down these areas with an organic face wipe so the tan doesn’t develop as dark (and frankly a bit scary when compared to the rest of your tan), giving you a more natural looking results.