From food trucks to pop-up shops, it seems like everyone is going mobile these days! If you run a spray-tanning salon, you’ve probably wondered whether you should take your business on the road. The benefits of running a mobile spray tanning business are certainly worth considering – mobile tanning is great for those looking to expand their current salon services or who are simply interested in a new business venture. Not sure of the perks? Read on to discover the benefits of getting in the mobile tanning biz.
1. Flexible hours. When you run a mobile tanning business, you choose the hours! You can be available for a last-minute tan on a Friday night, or meet a client at 6 am before they head to the office. Because you can choose when you work, running such a business is perfect for those who love to travel, have a busy family life, or want to pursue other projects on the side.
2. Client comfort. No need for clients to walk around post-tan in grungy clothing or rush to the salon from another appointment – you’re coming to them. With a mobile business, you can meet clients at their homes to simplify their lives, and charge more for the service in the process. The intimacy of home visits will also help you develop a great relationship with your clients, resulting in more regulars (and possible friendship!) in the process.


3. No rent. When you work out of a truck, all you have to pay for is petrol, products, and insurance! Not only are you cutting costs by taking rent out of the equation, but you also have a smaller space to keep clean and don’t need as much help to carry out your business.

4. Easier for group tanning. Does a bridal party need a tan? Have them gather at the bride’s house and throw a little spray tanning social! A couple of hours later, you’ll have made a pretty penny (and only had to drive to one location).

Self-management. You’re your own boss, so you can change your marketing scheme, hours, and services as you please. Want to rebrand? No one’s standing in your way. Think you should target a new neighbourhood? Go for it!

6. Extra advertising. If you already run a salon, your mobile services will inadvertently advertise your brick-and-mortar location. Make sure your car and/or pop-up stand are well labelled and that your contact information is easy to read so you can possibly drive business while, well, driving!

If you’re ready to increase your clientele or become your own manager, what are you waiting for? Stock up on Sunescape professional solution and equipment, and start making the world a bronzer place!