Contouring, strobing, and now… tantouring? As silly as the name may be, this new trend is actually genius. It has absolutely revolutionised the art of contouring for the lazy girl, and you better get on board! If you’re sick of spending time perfecting your contour every morning (and we know you are), just read on to learn how you can use a tanning mousse to achieve a long-lasting sculpt with very little effort.

photo credit: Andrea Park via Women's Health Magazine
Photo cred: Andrea Park via Women’s Health Magazine

1. Exfoliate the face. This is possibly the most important step to reaching the best result. Prepping the skin with a gentle exfoliating wash will create a smooth canvas to help you achieve a long-lasting tontour.

2. Apply a light self-tanner to the entire face and neck. It’s always a good idea when tanning to start off light and gradually build the colour, especially when tanning the face and neck area. We’d recommend a very light coat of Week in Fiji Mousse, for a sun kissed effect, or our Gradual Tan Extender for those with a very fair complexion. Make sure you’ve blended the product evenly before moving on to the next step.


photo credit: @sunescapetan via Kenneth Soh at Musings of a Makeup Artist
Photo cred: @sunescapetan via Kenneth Soh at Musings of a Makeup Artist

3. Begin to tontour. Once you have blended your tan all over, it is time to start tontouring! Using a liquid foundation brush, slowly build up your Sunescape product in the places you’d usually contour – hollows of the cheeks, temple, jawline, the sides of your nose – to add a natural depth to your face. Be especially careful when it comes to your cheekbones as the self-tanner can look quite obvious if you go overboard. Blend well with both the brush and your fingers to ensure your look is natural.

4. Double-check your work. Using a sponge or your fingers, soften any areas that seem too harsh or splotchy. Keep in mind that your tan will continue develop over the next few hours, so don’t go crazy building up the colour if it seems a bit light. Play it safe – you can always use more product next time.

Look at you glow! With your new tantoured look, you’ll have stunning cheekbones 24/7, and can afford to catch some extra zzz’s on Monday morning. Perfect for the person who cannot resist a sleep in!

How are you going to try out the new trend?