Today Sunescape HQ fell IN LOVE with the 2016 Lookbook for Free Bella, a laid back Californian swimwear company conceptualised around the idea of creating a collection of pieces that amplify the beauty of each and every one of us in our most natural state.

Free Bella translates to ‘Free Beauty’ and we certainly agree that model Avril Rae epitomises this in her contemporary Free Bella swimwear and our Week in Fiji tan sprayed by our wonderful partner salon Tan Temple.

Check out the shoot below to witness the stunning result also featuring Sunday Somewhere, Sunday Supply Co, Lucy & Mui, Lack of Colour Aus, Silk Laundry and the very talented Ania Milczarczyk as shot by Dean and Annika from The Grey Attic. Guaranteed to have you reaching for your own Sunescape tan!!

Page_1_f7a8ef61-e688-4f04-9810-969482cbbc0a Page_2_540a3027-958a-40d2-9847-08d7e6ac1e45 Page_3_c6ecc9f7-1e78-442d-b2bb-14eb25d3437b Page_9_8ea54cac-1c79-4cf6-bfe7-aa4ddb689d22 Page_10_c4089520-ab75-4f27-85e2-15a730aa024b Page_12_58649f9c-af40-480a-b3eb-d91043eb6187 Page_13_f030b8b7-8d5b-4733-9e96-cdffbae83f35 Page_15_5b02060a-9ea1-4c18-9c5c-de99eabba110 Page_18_4dbd1c45-7ff9-4b62-a405-7348fe2b157b Page_19_43967039-6b4c-4b73-be69-a8dfbaf22819 Page_20_3912a8f3-9edd-4c7c-8433-a49541c4e471 Page_21_fa300257-ebd2-4ab9-9eb8-8dbda20d0812 Page_27_7cd525e4-4f4e-4d9b-8037-aa703a1af51c Page_28_325cb0d9-9261-499d-9012-d2d94d6bfef5 Page_29_114ff9d9-a5ee-45a3-8a72-82b16893c054 Page_39_4347efef-bea3-4d47-b54a-7faf9e526ecbPage_31_577225a7-4cf4-4ebc-939c-211d92c71ac3Page_34_03b94f5d-fa47-4af0-b6e8-cfdbbd2892bc

To get Avril’s tan visit your nearest Sunescape stockist or click here to buy your own Week in Fiji Self-Tan Mousse from our online store!

Visit Free Bella, set to launch in March this year, here. We’ve pegged them as a brand to keep your eye on!