With the New Year comes New Resolutions which, within women, generally revolves around ‘Getting Fit’ or ‘eating healthy’ or in deciphered terms has a real meaning of getting skinny. It comes as women try to keep up with the demands of the ever critical media saturation of models, actresses and the like.

In 2013 we saw the “Hot Dog” holiday snaps take over Instagram and Facebook news feeds while the ongoing box gap trend continued to dominate. Awareness of ignorant Social Media pages increased with Pages like “Skinny Dream Motivation” and “My Skinny Summer” emerging and trending.


In 2014, only the 2nd week in, and already the latest body image insecurity has taken centre stage; The Bikini Bridge.

The Bikini Bridge is described as bikini bottoms which are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen by Urban Dictionary. To date news feeds and image websites are being cascaded by the fad and are forcing girls into insecurities and in extreme cases, eating disorders.

With summer in full swing, the trend does little to aid the already apprehensive nature of today’s youth. Although there has been a push towards changing body image with models such as Robyn Lawley arriving on the scene, there isn’t enough exposure towards these healthy movements. Recently, companies such as Target and Kookai have come under scrutiny for their sizing and negligence towards sizing and meeting the needs of the masses, with Australia’s average size a size 16.

marilyn_monroe_in_a_bikiniWomen need to be reassured that the most important Endeavour surrounding their body image is in being healthy not skinny, and being in the best shape for their own bodies and accepting that all women are different. As long as you are best YOU that you can be, whether that be wide hipped, big breasted, broad, curvy or other then there is no need to create this competition that is present. Women should empower one another to be confident and strong in who they are and what they look like. Skinny in no means at all is a definition for beauty. Marilyn Monroe for example, was one of the biggest sex symbols and to this day is still seen as a strong benchmark for beauty and she was in no way skinny or boney. She was curvy, carried more weight around the belly, had thick legs – her thighs touched and even cellulite but she was SEXY, she was BEAUTIFUL and most importantly she was CONFIDENT in the way she looked. And that is what we all should be…