If you’ve ever given yourself a streaky tan or watched your bronze glow fade all too quickly, you’re not alone. Everyone who dabbles in home tanning deals with some trial and error before they nail down their routine! It can be tricky to achieve the perfect tan on your own, but the following DOs and DON’Ts will help you graduate to expert-level tanner in no time.


Choose a shade of self-tanner that flatters your natural skin tone. Start out with a colour closest to your natural shade for the most believable tan, and if you miss any spots, no one will notice. Especially when at home tanning for the first time, we want this to be a mistake free zone!

Exfoliate well the day before you apply your tan to create an even surface for the product. For truly smooth skin, use a chemical exfoliator, such as alpha hydroxy acid, in addition to a physical exfoliator. Goodbye, dead skin cells!


Use a mitt. Make sure your skin is clean before application and remove any leftover tan with the Tan Removal Mitt. Also, use a Self-Tan Applicator Mitt to apply the tan evenly to avoid horrifically brown palms (we’ve all been there… right).

Moisturise your skin daily. Finish off the at home tanning experience with our Hydrating Body Butter to increase the longevity of your tan, making sure to keep your skin hydrated. This prevents dead skin from building up and flaking off, with your tan going with it. Home tanning crisis experience averted.

Prolong the life of your bronze glow. Regular use of the Gradual Tan Extender allows your colour to maintain its freshness and can enhance as it fades evenly

Use a body wash. Our Hydrating Shower Gel will nourish the skin and is free of any harsh chemicals that could strip the tan. With ingredients that are ideal for maintaining DHA on the skin, without the dreaded orange tinge, our cleansing wash will ensure your glow keeps on going.



Go too dark too quickly. If you’re naturally pale, make sure to ease into your desired shade by starting with a light colour and adding a second layer an hour after first application.

Expose yourself to chlorine or salt water. As much as you want to enjoy the sun, sand and sea lifestyle, after home tanning this will fade at a much faster rate.4cb0f4f7e65f90a47c030350dd197c3e

Shave post tan. It’s best not to shave or wax within a day of applying self-tanner, as the tan has not had enough ample time to set into the skin, and you may just end up shaving the colour clean off.

Apply body oil or any other products that may interfere with the developing tan. Allow your tan to really sink in, as the bronzants you see on the surface is not the DHA which actually creates the brown colour of your skin, and again you may just let your colour run right off your body

Sweat. Exercise or work up a sweat? Leave this for another day, as your tan can do some really crazy things straight after a home tanning job (like create pale lines where you have sweated, or cried). Stop these strenuous activities for at least a day after applying your tan.

Apply too much tanner to your face. If you wear makeup, you can always find a foundation shade to match your body, so take it easy when applying self-tan to such a prominent area.

Self-tan when you’re short on time. You’ll end up with patchy application and stained clothing in the process. Turn the experience into a pampering ritual instead, complete with a Sunescape Triple Scented Soy Candle and your favourite tunes.