You wake up in the morning after doing a quick, rushed tan application the night before, and it looks, let’s just say not the best. In order to make every tanning session count, you need to make the time to get hands-on with your tan. Prepping and maintaining your skin will see a big improvement in the lifespan of your applied colour.

Whether you’re constantly fiddling with streaky colour or subject to fast-fading tan syndrome, we have listed below some of our best tricks for a smoother, longer-lasting tan in order to get the most out of your bronze.


Before – Find your Perfect Pre-Tan Mojo

Completely prep your skin before even thinking about applying your tan. A flawless application relies on a blank canvas, so be ready for prepping to become commandment #1 of your tanning regime!


During – Tricks of the Tan Application Trade

From beginners to self-tanning pros, the application can go wrong if you haven’t done the hard work to get your skin to its best condition. Remember these tips during your tan application for a flawless finish.


After – The Glow must go on