With the ease and effectiveness of at-home tanning and tan maintenance, there’s no reason to sacrifice a bronze glow in the winter. Not only will adding warmth to your complexion make you appear healthier, it will instantly slim your physique, which is always a bonus during a season revolving around hearty stews and baked goods. And if you maintain a bronzed look during the winter, the transition to a deeper summer tan will be easier than ever. If a natural tan is what you’re after this winter, an effortless, lasting glow can be achieved and maintained through the use of the Sunescape Tanning Range.

To build your initial tan, visit a Sunescape-affiliated salon for a flawless, professional spray tan, or opt for one of two methods for quick and hydrating at-home tanning. If you’re looking for a dark, rich at-home tan, select a lightweight and pigmented tanning mousse, such as the Sunescape Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse, which will dry fast and develop intense colour in 3-4 hours. With medium and dark colour options available, Week in Fiji and Month in Maui, tanning mousse is ideal for those who want to maintain a summer holiday tan all year round, or are attending a special party or event for which they’d love an especially bronzed look.

The second at-home option is a gradual tanning lotion, which develops a light tan with frequent use and doubles as a moisturiser. This option, which can be found in the brand-new Sunescape Gradual Tan Extender, is great for those who want the development of their tan to build slowly on their pale winter skin, would just like a light boost of colour, or are looking to maintain a salon spray tan. Although a less dramatic choice, this option is only $33, will still give the user that healthy appearance, and builds into a deeper tan with daily use.
Once you have your initial tan, turn your focus to prolonging the life of your new bronze glow. While you may not be naturally topping up your tan in the winter with exposure to strong sunlight, you’re most likely exposed less often to elements that will naturally fade your tan in the summer, such salt water and chlorine. That being said, it’s even more crucial to exfoliate thoroughly before tanning in winter to create an even, lasting glow, as your skin may be drier and flakier due to the cold weather. To keep your skin soft and hydrated, make sure to use rich body butter, such as the Sunescape Hydrating Body Butter, and top up your salon or at-home tan with the Gradual Tan Extender to keep the glow vibrant.
With these quality products from this Bondi-bred brand, you’re guaranteed to build and maintain a glow through the remainder of winter. And once you have a stunning bronze complexion to boost your confidence, you’ll be all the more ready to hit the beaches come spring.