What you need to know…

There’s no debating that spray tanning is healthier for your skin than spending hours soaking up UV rays, but too often, salons aren’t considering  the health and safety of appropriate ventilation for their spray tan areas or, quite frankly, any ventilation at all. As the DHA found in spray-tanning solutions is only FDA approved for use on the skin, it is important for salons to set up the proper ventilation to protect themselves and clients from any harmful effects.

The best way to cut down on excess exposure to DHA is to make sure the proper extraction units are installed in the salon and that the room or space you are using is well ventilated. When you select your extraction equipment, which will help filter the air and clear away over-spray, keep an eye out for the CADR and MERV ratings. These ratings will alert you as to whether a unit is powerful enough to pair with your spray tanning equipment. By installing a great extraction unit, you’ll be doing wonders for your health and will find you can cut down on cleaning time at the end of the day.

If it seems your current extraction unit isn’t doing its job, the problem may be the type of spray tanning equipment you use. High volume, low-pressure systems (HVLP) will emit less over-spray than low volume, high-pressure systems (LVHP) and can perform a spray tan in only six minutes, resulting in lower health risks as well as conserved product and time. Making the switch to HVLP is one of the best things you can do for the health of your staff and those visiting your salon.

Another way to avoid inhalation is to have you and your clients wear a face mask during the session. Even if a room lacks proper ventilation, using a mask will greatly minimise the amount of chemicals that can be breathed in during a session, and when paired with an HVLP system and extraction unit, you’ll know you’re doing your best to protect clients from potential harmful effects of DHA.

With a little caution and preparation, spray tanning is truly the safest way to achieve your desired glow. Simply make sure you have the right equipment available, and you can perform countless tans risk-free!

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