We know… self-tanning feels like twice the task in the winter. It’s easy to take time to pamper yourself when you’ve got beach weather ahead of you (and a new bikini to wear!), but when it’s cold enough see your breath in your own bedroom, achieving a sun-kissed look takes a great deal of effort. And that dry, winter skin doesn’t make the prospect of self-tanning any more appealing, does it? Good thing we’re here to make bronzing up a whole lot easier.

To help you keep your healthy glow all year round, we’ve developed a three-in-one Gradual Tan Extender. Not only does this versatile product act as a gradual self-tanner, it lengthens the life of your favourite Sunescape spray or self-tan and leaves your skin moisturised with the assistance of coconut, macadamia nut, avocado and argan oils. Paired with the antioxidant powers of Kakadu plum, papaya, and gogi berry extracts to balance the skin, your tan will look so smooth and natural, those around you just might forget it’s winter.

We dare you to give this effortless glow a go! Simplify your self-tanning routine by picking one of our Gradual Tan Extenders on its own or as a part of our one of our Tanning Travel Packs.

Gradual Tan Extender