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5 Minutes with Tan Temple

by Jessica Ruisan |

Tan Temple has been Sydney’s premier tanning salon since it opened in 2009. Just a short stroll from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, the award-winning salon has dedicated all its energy and expertise into ensuring they offer the finest spray tan experience and results possible.

With summer well and truly here, Sunescape spoke with Jaclyn Haslam, owner/manager and ‘Tan Goddess’ of Tan Temple about one of Bondi’s most successful beauty destinations.

Tell us about your salon. What is Tan Temple’s point of difference?
I would describe Tan Temple as a luxury beach side spray tanning salon. At Tan Temple we provide the most amazing spray tan experience you have ever had by listening to our client’s needs, and providing a comfortable and caring environment. Our focus is 100% on customer service and attention to detail.

What Sunescape services and products do you use?
We use the full range of Sunescape Spray Tan Solution and even blend them together to suit our client’s personal needs!

We recommend the Sunescape Hydrating Body Butter and Sunescape Hydrating Shower Gel (which is sulphate free) to every single client as ‘must haves’ for a beautiful, even tan. Plus, Sunescape’s Gradual Tan Extender to keep their glow lasting as long as possible! These three are our biggest sellers but we also sell a lot of the gorgeous Sunescape Illuminating Body Tint as well as the Sunescape Self-Tan Mousse for those times you just can’t make it in!

What can clients expect when they come in for their spray tan?
Our clients can expect a friendly, warm welcome, a beautiful atmosphere, and a thorough consultation as the first part of their treatment with us at Tan Temple. After that we customise a tan suited to their needs, as well as a few little extra touches in the room to wow them with our skills and attention to detail.

We finish with drying and powder so our clients don’t feel uncomfortable. We also provide them with aftercare information on how to maintain their tan for as long as possible and also how to remove it at the end.

What sets Tan Temple apart in an industry full of spray tanning salons? How do you stand out among the crowd?
While there are a lot of salons that offer tanning as a service, there aren’t too many salons that only offer tanning and specialise just in that. It’s important to never stop learning, we always add new extras to the salon, renovate, re-style and keep up with the times. It’s an ever-evolving industry so you can’t just sit back and hope for the best. You need to know the trends and be on top of them before the clients are asking for them!

What does an average week at Tan Temple look like?
There is no average week at Tan Temple! Depending on the season, the weather and different events that are on, each week is always different from the next. We are open late each weeknight and often find ourselves staying back until 10pm or 11pm to get all our clients in. We have pretty much outgrown our space in Bondi now and could easily do with a 5th tanning room!

If you could only pick one product, which Sunescape retail product flies off the shelves? Why?
Oh, that is so tough, can I pick three?! I guess if I must only pick one then I would say the Gradual Tan Extender as it’s like a 3 in 1 anyway - moisturiser, gradual tan and tan extender! And it flies off the shelves (although all Sunescape products do!).

If I got to pick 3 products, then it would be the Hydrating Body Butter, Hydrating Body Wash and Gradual Tan Extender.

As a salon owner, what are your reasons for choosing Sunescape?
My clients! Everyone loves it because it is so much more nourishing for your skin, lasts longer, fades more evenly and is beautifully accompanied by the after-care products. It is also the most natural looking tan that I have tried and really lives up to its holiday inspired names.

What do you attribute to your success?
Hard work. You can’t be successful without working your butt off! And within the team we focus all our effort on customer service and attention to detail. If our clients feel like we are doing our absolute best and their tan is amazingly perfect, then they tell their friends and their friends tell their friends and before you know it you are the best place to get a spray tan! But you must keep at it, because every tan is just as important as the next.

140 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach
Bondi NSW
(02) 9130 1100