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5 Minutes with The Spraytan Society

by Jessica Ruisan |

Home to one of the best spray tans in South Sydney, The Spraytan Society has been looking after a large clientele since 2014 with their team of passionate, dedicated, hard-working and fun-loving women who are devoted to spray tanning and exceptional customer service. Every inch of the salon has been meticulously designed and prepared with customers comfort in mind. Located in the heart of Caringbah, the salon has gone from strength to strength with clients coming in weekly, fortnightly and even just for a special occasion.

Sunescape spoke with owner/manager, Tara Wagner about her salon and how they bring an abundance of experience to achieve a flawless spray tan every time.

Tell us about your salon. What is The Spraytan Society’s point of difference?

The Spraytan Society is a specialist spray tan salon with a team of tanning stylists to cater for all your spray tanning needs. We are dedicated to ensuring you receive a flawless, natural-looking tan…everytime!

What Sunescape services and products do you use?

We use the Sunescape professional spray tan range and Sunescape retail range to ensure all customers leave glowing, while having the opportunity to take home beautiful aftercare products to help extend the life of their tan.

What can clients expect when they come in for their spray tan?

Clients can expect exceptional customer service as well as a wealth of knowledge. One tan does not suit everyone, therefore we must cater the solution to each individual skin type. We do a skin consultation to ensure we use the right solution for the client’s skin and then lead them to a well-ventilated spray tan room with state of the art equipment. We offer sticky feet to ensure no tan gets on the soles of their feet as well as g-strings & hairnets. The solution is then applied to the body over two coats ensuring no area is missed, then we allow them to dry for a few minutes in private. A spray tan ‘after care card’ is given to each client to advise them on what to do after the time period is up and how to look after their spray tan once they leave the salon. We always suggest the Sunescape Hydrating Body Butter and Sunescape Gradual Tan Extender, as we believe they are a must have products for anyone who has just had a spray tan.

What sets The Spraytan Society apart in an industry full of spray tanning salons? How do you stand out among the crowd?

I believe it’s our customer service and knowledge in the industry. People have faith in people that are more specialised. We are very passionate about spray tanning and our customers know that we will choose a solution for their skin type. I always say to my girls that I want a salon where clients feel like they are visiting friends as opposed to visiting a business to get a spray tan. Being a salon that specialises in spray tanning we feel that we have to offer unique services which work with tanning, we also offer a Ph Balancing Spray which is applied pre spray tan and Moisture Spray which is applied post spray tan in the same session. This gives us a point of difference in the industry.

What does an average week at The Spraytan Society look like?

Our week usually starts on Tuesday where we organise our week ahead making sure we have enough stock and replying to all booking requests. Wednesday through to Saturday are extremely busy as most people want a tan leading up to the weekend. Our average week consists of up to 200 spray tans!

If you could only pick one product, which Sunescape retail product flies off the shelves? Why?

The Sunescape Gradual Tan Extender is a necessity in our beauty cabinets! Whether you’re wanting to extend the life of your professionally applied spray tan or just wanting to achieve a subtle glow, this is your must-have product…and our clients LOVE it!

As a salon owner, what are your reasons for choosing Sunescape?

A la natural is what Sunescape is and that’s why we love it! As well as being made with natural ingredients, it gives you the most beautiful bronzed glow, whilst also containing nourishing oils to hydrate your skin. I can’t forget to mention it smells amazing (we’re talking coconut, vanilla BLISS!) The support from the company itself is another massive reason why we chose Sunescape as our tan of choice at the salon.

What do you attribute to your success?

Hard work and dedication. I believed in myself that this was going to work. I’m lucky enough to have the most amazing staff working beside me that are as passionate about spray tanning as I am. The Spraytan Society wouldn’t be where it is today without the support from my husband Richard and also from my fantastic staff Nicole and Laura.

96a Cawarra Road
Caringbah NSW 2229
ph: 0424 047 890