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Are you interested in trying our products before using them in your salon?


Sunescape’s entire range of professional and retail take home products were formulated by a salon owner, for salon owners.

Sunescape is all about the product’s performance, and creating raving fans that love the brand and love your salon because of it.

We believe that a professional spray tan solution needs to be packaged as beautifully as it performs. By providing your clients with something that looks beautiful, feels fantastic and performs extraordinarily, the profits will follow.

If you haven’t already built yourself a profitable tanning business, or if you have, but think it could be better, Sunescape could be your ticket to creating an entirely new profit centre with our professional spray tan solution.

Sunescape offers fast and reliable shipping options, ensuring that your clients don’t have to wait for the usual, long periods of time for your shelves to be restocked with their favourite Sunescape product. With free shipping on orders over $100 and next business day shipping if ordered before 11am*, your customers will appreciate the excellent service your salon offers.

*Subject to Australia Post Express Shipping terms

As a Sunescape Professional, we will take care of the marketing for you to ensure you have time to continue providing your clients with the best service. Our ‘Marketing on a Platter’ approach gives you free access to marketing materials and information to make running salon-only Sunescape promotions easy, attracting new customers and making sure your current customers keep coming back for the products they can’t resist.

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At Sunescape, our ingredients make all the difference. Our products use rich oils and key natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling nourished and regenerated after the tanning process is complete. Some of our restorative ingredients include oils from the macadamia nut, coconut, avocado and argan nut as well as fruit extracts and aloe vera leaf juice.

Gone are the days of streaky orange tones and patchy, fast-fading treatments. Sunescape will give your customers that sun-kissed, “just back from holiday” look that is so sought after in the tanning industry with new additions to the Sunescape range released regularly to assist your business.

Sunescape is a product that out-performs many traditional tanning services as a brand that is requested by name nine out of ten times. With Sunescape delivering your clients an effective and natural looking spray tan solution, you can expect to see many faces more than once in your salon, with new people walking through the door everyday to try our products and customer services. If you have any enquiries, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 625 387 or

Our professional solutions

Sunescapes favourite destinations…
Everybody wants their tan to look natural and the ultimate test of a tans success is if people think you must have been laying on a beach somewhere to have the amazing colour you have. That was the experience of our founders when we developed our now famous formula.

“People were asking where we had been, assuming that our colour must have come from a recent getaway…that’s when we knew that Sunescape would be a success” – Matt Williams CEO Founder

Select a colour that begs the question…“Where have you been?”

Weekend in Bondi

10% DHA

Our lightest shade that will look like you’ve been spending your weekends on the beach.

Week in Fiji

12% DHA

Want something a little darker and look like you’ve spent a week in your favourite tropical location, then our medium shade will deliver you a gorgeous natural colour.

Month in Maui

14% DHA

For the clients that love to be tanned and want the colour to be deeper…if you can’t spend a month in a paradise like Maui, you might as well look like you have.

Summer in Santorini

Coming Soon!

in your business

Our formula for success

Made using natural ingredients and certified natural DHA

Natural Bronze

free from
petrochemicals and

fades naturally without any patchiness

not tested
on animals


I have finally tried all 3 shades and they are beyond amazing. Seriously the best solution I have ever used (and I have tried them all)! I had outstanding feedback from my models too, they loved it. Super excited to start offering Sunescape exclusively at Bronze Beach- there’s really are no comparison.

Jackie Smyth

I’m a qualified beauty therapists with 12 years’ experience I’m the Industry. I love your spray tan, it’s amazing and last so long on my skin. I have worked for several tanning companies but none of their spray tans come close to yours. I no longer can sit in the sun as I had skin cancer this year and have been told to stay out of the sun forever. But I love to be tanned and your solution is the best I’ve ever tried.

Erika O’ Boyle

I am what you would call tanorexic, I have used a lot of different products and yours is by far the best. It’s the perfect colour on me, look so natural, and lasts longer than any other spray tan. I have to get one every week! My spray tanner (Bronze Beach) talked me into trying this brand and I am a complete convert.

Allira Smyth

Just want to let you know how fantastic Sunescape tan is! I have tried every tan out there and am really happy with the colour and how long it lasts on the skin! I also have a client that started coming to me because I had Aviva tan, as she is highly allergic to most tans and has always been too scared to try anything else. I finally talked her into trying Sunescape and we did a test patch – she was fine! We then did a full body tan and her skin was perfect, she loved the colour and couldn’t believe how long it stayed on!

Jade Woodlock, Spray Tan Technician