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Identifying your skin type for the Perfect Tan

by Jessica Ruisan |

Like the majority of the population, it can be hard to identify your specific skin type from anything from makeup to skincare. Heading into stores, or worse shopping online can be a nightmare when you have little to no clue what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. If you want to treat your skin like the good girl it is, the first step you need to take is identifying whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, combination, ageing or normal (or hey, maybe a bit of everything), so you can find the perfect tanning product for you.

The state of your skin can affect how your tan looks on its surface. If you regularly experience flaking and rough patches on your skin, sorry to break it to you but you may have excessively dry skin! If you get acne on not only your face but your chest and back, yep, your skin is more on the oily side. The perfect way to test this is by using blotting paper, which can make a quick and easy assessment for people who are confused about their skin type. Or even, by simply looking at your skin during the day, will give you an indication of its natural condition, whether it’s shiny and oily or roughness and sensitivity

Luckily for all you beautiful women with different skin types, tones and textures, Sunescape is your key to a post-holiday glow, no matter the state of your skin. With our abundance of different mousses, lotions, creams and spray tans, we have got all women covered, all the time.

Find out which Sunescape formula is the perfect solution for your skin type:

Skin Type: Sensitive/Dry

Sunescape product? Gradual Tan Extender & Illuminating Body Tint

All Sunescape products are cruelty free and therefore have been created with the most hydrating, nourishing, gentle ingredients possible, including aloe vera and vitamin E. Opt for a lower DHA and lotion formulas for the least amount of skin irritation and flaking like our Weekend in Bondi spray and Gradual Tan Extender, or go DHA-free with our newest tanning products.

Skin Type: Oily

Sunescape product? Hydrating Instant Self-Tan Mousse

While the same suggests you will be too hydrated for your oily skin, the opposite is true for Sunescape. While hydrating the skin at the surface, our Self-Tan Mousse also dries quickly so you can go on with your day without feeling sticky or greasy, perfect for those who suffer from oily skin. Also, try our DHA-free wash off mousse for an instant colour without using a heavy cream.

Skin Type: Ageing

Sunescape product? Professional Spray Tan Solution

For mature skin, our nourishing professional solution is perfect for you. With a natural bronze colour that is moisturising for your skin as well as fading naturally over time, your skin will literally bounce back, reducing the appearance of fine lines. All bases covered.

Skin Type: Combination/Normal

Sunescape product? All, Instant Wash-Off Mousse

While some of our products are more suited to different types of skin concerns, really all work in perfect harmony with any skin type, tone or texture. Containing the hydrating properties of your favourite skincare, with the quick-drying needs from a tanning solution, Sunescape is one of a kind. The newest DHA-free mousse, just for the night, is perfect for those ‘normal’ gals who want an instant tan that they can wash off after the night of fun is done.