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Should I Still Faux Tan During Winter?

by Jessica Ruisan |

As the mercury plummets to a cold winter chill, the last thing that should be on your mind is a lovely bronzed glow, right? Wrong!

While many people skip more than a few spray tan appointments and ditch the self-tanning formulas in exchange for heavy duty moisturisers, we are just not about that pale life, even when the going gets tough (and by that we mean anything under 20 degrees) we will still tan during winter…

Tanning can make your skin look healthier, and more vibrant. Adding a subtle hint of colour to your skin can be just the pick-me-up solution to find the perfect tan during winter, boosting your confidence and making your winter clothes look beautiful! There is a fine art that goes into embracing a beautiful bronzed glow in the winter months.

While winter may be some people’s ‘thing’, here at Sunescape, we need instant solutions for when we decide to brave the cold and don a subtle golden glow.

Here are our top tips and fave products for a glowing tan during winter months, without sticking out like a sore thumb:

  • Gradual Tan will become your best friend, we promise. Stuck with the dilemma that you have dry-winter-skin-syndrome, but still want a gorgeous glow when you do decide you want to show off your pins? Our Gradual Tan Extender not only gives you a subtle, gradual sunkissed colour, but it moisturises your skin while you do it, with added ingredients like coconut, avocado and Argan oils to hit your skin with hydration. Subtle is best in the winter months, opting for a simple golden glow, over a daring bronze.
  • Don’t wait around for your tan to dry, get an instant hit of glow. When you are out of time, or can’t brave getting your kit off in the cold bathroom at night, instant tanners are your saviour. You can simply apply the morning of your day, and it will not only dry instantly, but give your skin that natural, shimmering look, almost like your legs are airbrushed (they don’t need to know its tan at all). Wash our Illuminating Body Tint and ‘Just for the Night’ Instant Wash Off Mousse, after your day with soap and water.
  • The horror of a ghostly white face is gone, remember to tan your face. Never forget, to tan your face. Don’t live the regret of waking up in the morning with a glowing body and pale face (eeek!). The objective here is to look like you haven’t faux tanned at all, so we suggest mixing our Instant Self-Tan Mousse formula into your daily moisturiser for a soft, subtle tan, letting you skip the panic in the morning, when nothing matches!