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Tan Removal Hacks You Need to Know

by Jessica Ruisan |

Here’s the situation. It’s the morning after your marinating tanning session, and you’ve noticed a big (and obvious) too dark tan mark that looks like it doesn’t belong. Oh. No.

While you could panic and immediately call in sick to work because there is no way you are leaving the house in this state, Sunescape has found a better way!

Here are our top tanning survival hacks that you need to be following every tan sesh:

  • Get an exfoliating glove, stat – Sunescape’s Tan Removal Mitt is just what you need to gently scrub that tan build up before anyone notices. If you are in a rush in the morning, all you need is this wonder glove and warm water to remove any tanning horrors, with the added benefits of leaving you with cleansed, silky smooth skin.
  • Use a tan friendly scrub – Do the once over on all your rough areas of skin with our Exfoliating Body Polish, seamlessly melting away any dodgy tan jobs (though we know this just isn’t possible when you are using a Sunescape mousse!) with the blend of pineapple enzymes and eco beads. And you’ll get a gorgeous summer scent while you’re at it!
  • If you can’t remove, blend – When you don’t have the time to undo your blunders in the morning when you’ve already snoozed your alarm 3 (maybe 5) times, blend! Put our DHA free, wash off products, like our Illuminating Body Tint or Wash Off Mousse, to work by blending it into your existing tan for an instant way to cover any dark tan marks. And don’t worry, these wash off in the shower so you’re not building up any extra colour on your skin!