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Sunescape’s Australia Day Must Haves

by Jessica Ruisan |

Happy Australia Day, bronzed babes! It’s time to celebrate everything about Australia, our history, who we are now, and where we can be in the future. No matter how you came to be on this gloriously huge island we like to call home (whether you’re true blue or just new!), we like to celebrate this day of national pride the only way we know how, with a tan on and the sun out. Complete your Australia day look with our ultimate must haves, and must do’s on a day like today…

A classic BBQ (obviously) – Grilled burgers, tasty sausages and summery salads, a plenty! Gather your friends together for a good old fashioned backyard barbeque. There’s nothing like everyone collectively having a day off to chat, and have fun, and we believe BBQs taste 80% better when on Australia Day.

Those cool Aussie flag bucket hats (I mean…) – Surely it’s not Australia Day until you wear the flag somewhere on your clothing, right? While these may not be an essential part of Australia Day, we do think they are hilariously dorky enough to include in our must haves to commemorate the country! Just check them out, and you’ll understand…

The best company (no brainer) – Australia Day is nowhere near as fun without friends and family around to ensure you have the best time. Whether they’re on your back about slapping on the SPF (which you SHOULD be doing, mind you), or embarrassing you after having one too many cocktails, your day will be sure to be memorable.

A pool, beach, anything by the water (clearly) – Whether you choose to spend the day at Australia’s iconic stomping ground, Bondi Beach or you just hang by the pool in your equally Aussie backyard, it is almost a rule that Australia Day must be spent by the water. No matter if it’s raining, we’re still determined to pool it up with our cool Australia Day merch, thongs and all.

A fresh tan (of course) – We are declaring now that Australia Day is not Australia Day without a gorgeously bronzed glow going on. Golden up with our spray tan solution, or Instant Self-Tan Mousse to give you that faux glow that gives you a gorgeous colour without baking under the damaging sun (especially the intense Australian sun). Top it off with a strong sunscreen, and you are good for the celebratory day!

What will you be doing today?