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4 Ways to Stay Tanned after Summer

by Jessica Ruisan |

Summer’s nearly gone, but that doesn't mean your tan has to be!

Whether you’ve been hitting the beach at home or holidaying in the tropics, if you’ve picked up a sun-kissed tan this summer we’re pretty sure you won’t want it to fade any time soon! But keeping your tan for as long as possible isn’t always easy. We’ve all been there: one minute you’re golden and glowing at the beach and the next your skin is dull and three shades lighter!

So what can you do to make your tan last longer? We’ve rounded up the best tanning hacks so you can stay bronzed all year around!

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

There's no better way to hang on to sexy summer skin than by slathering on the lotion. Post-holiday you should upgrade to a body butter and lotion-up every day. Sunescape’s Hydrating Body Butter not only drenches skin in moisture, it also smells like a coconut vanilla dream, evoking memories of hot days and balmy nights.


If you really want your tans to last (and fade gradually, rather than in patches) then exfoliating is mega important. Dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin could be dulling your glow, so you want to gently slough these off to show off your sun-kissed tan underneath. Buff skin to perfection with Sunescape’s Exfoliating Body Polish.

Gradual Tan

The secret to extending your tan is to create a simple ritual that's easy to maintain. A gradual tan is what's needed here: a fast-drying formula you can slather on straight after your morning shower. The subtle colour will enhance your tan without looking overdone and you can reapply every two days to build your tan to your desired depth. Try Sunescape Gradual Tan Extender.

Fake it!

If you’re like us and skipped sunbaking all together this summer, you can always give yourself a sun-free (and totally safe) tan all year round with our Instant Self-Tan Mousse. We think our DIY tan is the best on the market, and if you take the time to use it properly, no one will be able to tell the difference between something you applied yourself or a glow you spent days working on! The super-lightweight, non-sticky, easy-to-apply velvety mousse will leave your skin looking naturally tanned in minutes!

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